Interactieve Installatie voor de organisatie Globalicious

Time ring

by M. van Bakel & B. Spinhoven
@ STRP Festival for Interactive Art, Technology, Robotics, Visuals and Music @ Eindhoven (NL) 2007

Time Ring is an interactive video installation. Cameras built-in in a huge circular tube are registering visitors from various angles. When you enter the ring, your electro-magnetic presence affects a theremin, the precursor of the synthesizer and one of the first electronic musical instruments. The theremin is coupled to an image appearing on the projection screen hanging outside the ring. The movements you make and the sounds you produce through the theremin have an influence on the video images. Walking around in the space, you can thus manipulate the perspective and the lapse of time of the projected video image. You will soon feel unsettled because the relationship between your movements and their visual representation is either disturbed or slowed down. You are director and actor, composer and musician, or, if you like, observer and observee, all rolled into one.

Time ring kwam ik tegen op STRP festival 2007, hierdoor was ik erg geboeid.

– Thomas


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  1. hopic schreef:

    Ik was daar die dag ook en ik moet zeggen had ik de tijd zou ik zeker opnieuw gaan. Wat mij ook bijblijft is de LP waarop je kon lopen om het ritme van ‘Daft Punk – One More Time’ te bepalen.

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