Interactieve Installatie voor de organisatie Globalicious


Dit blog dient als documentatie van de ontwikkelingen rondom de “Chemistree”, een interactieve installatie van studenten Digital Media Design, Interaction Design en Arts & Media Management aan de HKU (faculteit KMT), voor opdrachtgever Globalicious. Hieronder kun je voorlopig de Engelstalige projectbeschrijving vinden van de installatie zelf. Ook zullen er regelmatig blogposts voorbij komen over gerelateerde onderwerpen, en foto’s en video’s verschijnen van de “Chemistree” op evenementen.

///// Project Info /////

Project: Chemistree /
Client: Globalicious
Team: Remco Bos, Thomas voor ‘t Hekke, Bas van Oerle (Digital Media Design), Jan Jonk (Interaction Design) and Tim Terpstra (Arts & Media Management).
Supervisors: Henk Fakkeldij, Lenno Verhoog, Bibi Straatman, Jos Scheurink

// Introduction
The “Chemistree” is an interactive installation produced by 3rd year students of the Utrecht School of the Arts, as an interdisciplinary group project at the faculty of Art, Media & Technology, which was related to an assignment of an external client.

// Assignment
Globalicious is a non-profit organization, which uses a positive approach to make people conscious of the millennium goals and how everyone collectively could improve the world. They aim to create a feeling of community among people for a higher cause.

Globalicious gave us the assignment to develop an installation, which visualizes a common identity and feeling and communicates sustainability, energy and environment in an accessible and positive way. The assignment stood in the context of the organization’s ambition to stimulate the visibility of their activities throughout the year.

// Research
In the process of developing this project, we did individual research on related theme’s and subjects in order to reach the right result. During the research, we discovered elements that make an interactive installation effective in communicating it’s message, addressed factors that often initiate group mechanisms and found successful ways to strategically communicate sustainability. We also involved a deeper meaning: the relation between how individual interaction initiates a sustainable process and in which forms people are approached to address related issues.

// Concept / Result

As a project group we wanted to create an environment that surprises, involves and activates by-passers, according to the characteristics and vision of Globalicious. The “Chemistree” is an artificial tree that responds to the proximity and touch of people through movement, blooming and sound. Appearance and playful interaction will attract the curiosity of people (chemistry). The tree responds differently to the density of people nearby, in other words; the tree reacts stronger to the attention of more people than to individual attention. This will eventually cause people to participate in a collective form through small individual acts.

The “Chemistree” will be part of the Globalicious environment at the Indian Summer Festival 2009 (September 20th). If successful, the “Chemistree” will root at several other events in the near future.

// Process

Fact: 70% of the materials used for the “Chemistree” where originally waste (plastic construction tubes, aluminium trash, wood, bicycle parts etc.)

// Contact


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