Interactieve Installatie voor de organisatie Globalicious

Inspiration / Audio-tactile performance: STiMULiNE

Ook gezien (helaas geen tijd gehad om te ervaren) op Club TransMediale:

STiMULiNE is an audio-tactile performance by the artists Lynn Pook (DE) and Julien Clauss (FR) in which the group of participants wears futuristic seeming suits equipped with acoustic activators that transmit sound as an impulse on skin and bones. Sounds are thus not perceived through the outer membrane of the ear but are transmitted as the finest of vibrations through the entire body to the inner ear. It is a form of fictional concert without narrative structure that starts from the assumption that public sites for culture in real space will increasingly be replaced by virtual communication. STiMULiNE departs from the traditional concert situation and experiments with forms of perception of space and body. The participants lie relaxed on the floor while the two artists let the sounds move along and through the bodies. The presence of the public and the social interaction between the participants thereby becomes a central creative element.


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